Minutes for the Gravesend and District Committee meeting held on Thursday 27th April 2017.

Present : Hazel Teale, John Thompson, Denise Burton, Vivien Simms, Michele Robinson, Heather Bisson, Joan Uzupris

  1. Apologies : Helen Beck, Val Torriggiani, Sue Shirley


  1. Minutes of Meeting held Thursday 2nd March 2017 agreed and signed.
  1. Matters arising: None
  1. Chairman’s Business:
  • Lecture Reports: 14th March, Chloe Sayer, “Treasures of South America”. Excellent given as engaging, informative, interesting and varied. Good slides. She related art to geography.
  • Study Day: 28th March, Jacqueline Hyman, “Sticky Tape, Moths and Men” Very good given as interesting, knowledgeable and informative. Specimens and for sale items were provided. Several members brought items to be assessed. Lectures overran, however.
  • Lecture Report: 11th April, Jackie March-Hobbs, “Preston Manor”. Good given as the lecturer was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The Committee felt the lecture was more Social History than fine arts, although there was an element of architecture in the lecture.
  • AGM and Card: Papers have been sent out electronically. Hard copies were provided for those not on email at last lecture day. Those not collected will be made available next lecture day.

At the AGM Committee Members would not be required to read their reports as these are already in the possession of members.

Derek Woolson, our retiring President, will address the members and present Committee Members for election. It was decided that, as the Constitution does not require a President, we would trial running one year without one, while still considering his possible replacement.

There will be a Special Resolution vote regarding the Society’s change of name to the Art Society, Gravesend.

As usual there will be a table at the front for the committee.

It was decided that, for purposes of the Card, we would not use an additional logo to the national one.

On the 2017-2018 Card “New Members Coffee Morning” will be labelled “Getting to know the Arts Society” Possible date for this event- early 2018.


  • Committee for Next Year: Several posts are still vacant.
  1. Treasurer’s Report:

John Thompson attended “Mail Chimp” Training day. He is preparing a report which he will send to Hazel and Val, after which they will meet to discuss the usefulness of taking advantage of this marketing service to our group.


£3390.01         Current Account

68.40                 Cash

4923.58             Deposit Account

£8382.99           Total

No bills outstanding, nobody owes us money

Study Day Loss   £48.80

  1. Programme Secretary’s Report:

The replacement speaker after the death of Ann Peerless, for Tuesday 13th June, will be Dr Mark Spencer with “Plants in Art and Culture”.

The Directory Day attended by Hazel and Helen was enjoyable and interesting.

Next year’s programme is completed.

  1. Visits Secretary’s Report:

“The Red Shoes Ballet” 29th April, Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury- 26 members are going- 4 tickets unsold.

Belmont House 1st June- 32 tickets sold.

Preston Manor- It was agreed to put this “on hold”.

Berlin, the National Trip-12 members are going.

  1. Membership Secretary’s Report:


  1. Secretary’s Report:

List of Committee Members’ details were distributed for additions and amendments to be circulated when complete and correct.

  1. Web Master’s Report:


  1. A. O.B.:
  • Parking:

The Masonic Hall has changed its parking arrangements. A list of car registration numbers has been provided to the masonic hall. In future only those on the list will have access. It will be possible to register on the day for a one off permit. This will be used for our speakers when required.

Jubilee Events:

We have so far no art entries. The possibility of applying to the Patricia Faye Fund for a grant for a Young Arts Project was discussed.

  • Membership Drive:

As part of a new members drive it was decided to put a slip of paper, prepared by Val, with information about the society, when it meets and with Val’s contact details, on each seat at the June lecture meeting.

  • Christmas Lunch:

This will take place at Hill Top Restaurant, Stansted on Tuesday 28th November 2017 at 12:30 for 1pm. Val has prepared a very detailed suggestions sheet for this proposed lunch. Hazel will forward this email to Committee members for comments. Val would like to do a flyer for 11th May.

  • Signing In:

As it was observed that several members had probably not signed in at last lecture meeting, how to overcome this issue was discussed. It was decided that Hazel would remind members again before the lecture at the next meeting and would make certain that the sign to that effect was placed in a prominent position.

NEXT MEETING:   Thursday 28th September 2017