Gravesend DFAS – Committee structure

These are the posts that help the society to be so successful and to run smoothly. We usually meet about 6 times in a year for about 2 hours. Most of the work is done at our convenience, at times that fit in with our other commitments.

Chairman:   What does it involve?

  • Introducing lecturers at meetings and giving a vote of thanks at the end.
  • Organising and chairing the Annual General Meeting
  • Representing the society at Area and National events
  • Organising committee meetings

The Chairman is responsible for the overall management of the Society, maintaining good relationships between the Committee, the members and the Area and National teams.

Treasurer:   What does it involve?

  • Keeping accurate and timely accounting records
  • Arranging payment Society expenses,
  • Collecting and paying in any income received
  • Preparing the annual audited accounts of the Society

Hon. Secretary: What does it involve?

  • Providing clerical support for the Chairman by taking minutes at committee meetings and the AGM
  • Helping the chairman organise the AGM
  • Arranging for the printing of the annual membership card

Programme Secretary: What does it involve?

  • Planning the yearly programme of lectures, and booking the lecturers in time for the programme to be included in the annual membership card. The Programme Secretaries also organise the day of special interest.

We prefer to have 2 programme secretaries as this spreads the work and it is always helpful to discuss ideas with some one.

 Visit Secretary: What does it involve?

  • Organising a programme of visits and an annual tour

We prefer to have 2 visits secretaries as this spreads the work and it is always helpful to discuss ideas with some one.

Membership Secretary: What does it involve?

  • Maintaining an up to date Membership list and a waiting list if one is needed.
  • Recording those present at lectures and reporting numbers at committee meetings
  • Managing the annual renewal process
  • Maintaining the central NADFAS list so that members get AGM papers and the Review

The Membership Secretary is the first point of contact for potential new members wishing to join our Society

Vice Chairman: What does it involve?

  • Supporting the Chairman and standing in for the Chairman if neededOrganising the annual lunch
  • Welcoming visitors and new members, by giving out information packs, and ensuring they are made to feel welcome.
  • Acting as the society’s contact with the hall staff in case of an accident, ill health or other emergency on our lecture days

Volunteering secretary: What does it involve?

  • Helping to developing any volunteering projects organised by the society

Volunteering projects could include Heritage Volunteers, Young Arts, Church Recording or Church Trails.

Equipment team: What does it involve?

  • Preparing the hall for the lecture each month by setting up the equipment and putting it away after the lecture.

We have a team so that a rota can be operated to spread the workload.

Web master: What does it involve?

  • Ensuring that the web site is up to date and that information is easy to access