Their hour upon the stage

Theatrical personalities of the 20th C Theatre: Evans, Richardson, Gielgud, Ashcroft, Oliver, Redgrave Scofield etc.

Session One: ‘ First nights”

The early lives and careers of the actors up to 1939

Session Two: ‘Curtain Calls’

Anecdotes, poems, scenes, criticisms, witticisms! A dramatized anthology for two voices by Sarah and Frances Hughes

Session Three: Last nights

The Changing Theatre 1939 – 2000 and the later careers of seven great actors

Book list

Oliver – Francis Beckett – Haus Publishing – 2005

Gielgud, A Theatrical Life – Jonathon Croall – Metheun – 2000

Ralph Richardson, an Actor Life – Garry O’Connor – Hodder and Stoughton – 1999

Michael Redgrave – My Father – Corin Redgrave – Richard Cohen books

Peggy Ashcroft – Michael Billington – John Murray 1988

Edith Evans – J.C. Trewin – Rockliff 1954