Gravesend and District DFAS

 Equipment team

The role of the equipment team is to prepare the equipment needed by our lecturers and to put everything away at the end.

We have a team so that a rota can be operated to spread the workload.

What does the Equipment do?

  • Prepares the hall for the lecture each month by setting up the equipment and putting it away after the lecture.

What does this involve?

  • Liaising with the programme secretaries in advance to find out what the lecture needs.
  • Arriving at the hall in good time to help set out the equipment
  • Working with the speaker on the day to set the equipment up as required.
  • Ensuring any cables etc. are secure so that they are not a trip hazard.
  • Clearing the equipment away at the end of the lecture.
  • Keeping up to date with the equipment being used so that it can be set up correctly.
  • One of the team attending committee meetings (usually held every 2 months for about 2 hours)