But is it Art?  –  Lynne Gibson

This lecture will give you food for thought.  Can we agree on a definition of art, or are we at the mercy of ‘experts’ ?

Artists, thinkers and educators, not just in our present time but throughout Western Art History have agonised over the question. It can seem particularly pressing now that anything, and everything, seems to go!

This lecture will give us an opportunity to face up to some prejudices and shake up some preconceptions


Power, Propaganda & Men in Tights: English Art under the Tudors  – Linda Smith

This lecture looks at the key developments in early English painting,


Making a Stand – Sporting Architecture , List it or Lose It? – Simon Inglis

There are currently over 316,000 listed buildings in England, and thousands more in Scotland and Wales. But only a tiny proportion of those are related to sports or recreation.

This lecture will ask  question such as

  • Why are these buildings so important?
  • What do they tell us about our sporting heritage and social history?
  • Why has it taken so long for recreational buildings to achieve the same level of protection afforded to buildings in other sectors

The Olympic Stadium – London


Mad Men and Artists: How the Advertising Industry Exploited fine Art – Tony Rawlins


The Art of the Steal : Nazi Looting in WWII – Shanna Isaac

The Nazis looted over 20% of Western Art during World War II, confiscating art from Jewish families and emptying museums throughout Europe. This lecture will provide an overview of Nazi looting

Merkers, Germany
U.S. Soldiers examine a famous painting, “Wintergarden,” by the French Impressionist Edouard Manet, in the collection of Reichbank wealth, SS loot, and paintings removed by the Nazis from Berlin to a salt mine vault. The 90th Div, U.S. Third Army, discovered the gold and other treasure.
Photographer: Cpl. Ornitz


Turner v Constable. The Great British Paint Off  – Nicola Moorby

This lecture will cover the story of the epic rivalry between the two giants of British art, J.M.W. Turner and John Constable. It will examine their differences, their similarities, their battles and their shared triumphs.


Tulipomania – The Tulip Decorative Flower on European and Asian Ceramics    – Anne Haworth


Discovering MacDonald Gill: Architect, Artist and Mapmaker   –  Caroline Walker


Winston Churchill, The Artist – Claire Walsh

14 /7/20

Sunken Treasure from the East:  Tales of Oriental  Shipwreck Porcelain   –  Marie Conte-Helm


Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera. The Golden Age of Mexican Painting   – Chloe Sayer


William Morris: Wallpaper     – Joanna Banham


Rupert – the Anthropomorphic bear     – Howard Smith