Tuesday 14 January 2014

Anthony Russell

Beauty and the Beast – Our Parish churches and the modern Predicament

It is argued that like the monarchy, the Church of England has been fighting a ‘rearguard action’ for many decades. Church buildings have suffered as a result, with leaking roofs, locked doors and cold services once a week for an aging congregation. But there is a revival under way not always appreciated by the casual observer – and it is sweeping the land. Parish churches and cathedrals are once again becoming alive with activity, remembering a time when they were once the most important buildings at the centre of any community. This lecture considers how the cry for ‘flexibility’ is creating challenges as well as opportunities for churches and a veritable battleground of conflicting attitudes.

Reading list

Re-pitching the Tent: Re-ordering Your Church building for Worship and Mission.

Author: Richard Giles

Pews, Benches and Chairs: Church Seating in English Parish Churches from the Fourteenth Century to the Present.

Author Trevor Cooper.