A group of our members have undertaken some conservation work over the course of three days at Igtham Mote. It involved metal cleaning – mainly silver and Brass.

We were warmly greeted by the Ightham Mote volunteer staff, who showed us which cleaning products we would be using, and how they should be applied. This wasn’t complicated, but it gave us the confidence that we wouldn’t inadvertently damage any precious items.

There was one small interruption to the proceedings on Monday when the fire alarm went off, and everyone had to evacuate the building. Luckily we didn’t have to stay outside for long, as it was a bit on the nippy side!Ightham Mote 3

We had three very pleasant and light-hearted mornings chatting whilst polishing, and it was great to have the opportunity to get to know G&DDFAS members outside our immediate circle.

Thanks to Vivien Sims for co-ordinating this initiative, to Alan Teale for his “quality control” on Monday and Thursday and to all the DFAS members who took part.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to help with this type of work and hope it will be an annual event, with more of our members joining in.

We have received a very nice email of thanks from the Ightham Mote House Steward saying

“I hope you all enjoyed the task set for you and that you will want to come back next year.  It has been a great help to us and saved a great deal of time.  Its always good to have new and enthusiastic people in to learn the ways of conservation too”