The Membership Secretary is responsible for maintaining the Society’s membership list. The Membership Secretary is the first point of contact for potential new members wishing to join our Society

What does the membership secretary do?

  • Maintains a Membership list and a Waiting list if one is needed.
  • Records those present at a lecture.

What does this involve?

  • Keeping an up-to-date list of members’ addresses and contact details
  • Informing NADFAS House of any changes to the membership list via the online services
  • Processing Members’ details in accordance with current Data Protection legislation and guidelines
  • Recording attendance at lectures and reporting the number present to the Chairman
  • Being the contact point for visitors who wish to attend a lecture to ensure we have enough space
  • Responding to enquiries from potential new members
  • Managing the annual renewal process
  • Ensuring all members receive a Programme card
  • Sending membership application forms when requested
  • Attending committee meeting usually every 2 months for about 2 hours