MINUTES of Gravesend and District NADFAS Committee held at the home of Lee Cary, 92 Old Road West, Gravesend on Tuesday, 1st September 2015 at 10.00 a.m.

PRESENT: Lee Cary, Anne Senneck, Maureen Randall, Vivien Sims, Michele Robinson, Hazel Teale.

  1. APOLOGIES: Sally Starbuck, Denise Burton, Valerie Torreggiani, Eva Ford, John Thompson.
  2. MINUTES of meeting held on the 30 June 2015 agreed and signed.

(a)       Subscriptions – It was agreed that this went well at the last meeting and Vivien and Anne would be collecting any further subscriptions still outstanding at next Tuesday’s meeting.


(a)       Membership – There are 199 members as at 31st August 2015 and as our target is 200 it was decided that we would now have a waiting list. Hazel recommended that prospective members only to be included if their wish to join is in the near future, and not years hence once they retire.

We will still provide visitors with the free DVD showing the working of NADFAS.

(b)       Lecture Reports – July – Valerie Woodgate and Stanley Spencer. The delivery was very good and her sense of humour also shone through. The lecture was considered excellent. She charged £350. Plus £15.20 expenses.

(c)        John Thompson has provided a battery for the laptop for the September meeting together with Box speakers.

(d)       The requirement for a New Members’ Coffee morning in the not too distant future was discussed and it was decided that, if the Masonic Hall could accommodate us, that the proposed date be the 3rd November, preceded by our next Committee Meeting. This to be held in the ante room in which members gather prior to the monthly meeting, and that coffee and biscuits would be offered as refreshment. The Committee Meeting to commence at 9.30, for one hour and the new members meeting to be from 11.00 a.m. till 12.30 p.m.

(d)       Volunteering at Ightham Moat to assist with the cleaning of the books and Vivien would enquire about this as she volunteers at the venue.

(e)       Bad weather in the winter. Lee would explain the procedure for this as details about the non attendance due to inclement weather would be put on line, but for those not enjoying this facility they would be asked to phone a committee member.


Hazel will be collecting the Christmas lunch forms at next week’s meeting if they have been emailed to everyone but she will also have a supply of forms with her. Hazel will be visiting Knowle restaurant when she will point out the parking difficulties encountered last year and also asking for the table number stands to be available. She is also putting relevant items under the members’ section on the website.

Diane Steltner will be asked to meet and greet next week as Hazel and other committee members will be tied up doing other jobs.


In Sally’s absence Lee reported that there was £1,624.00 in the Cash Account and £8,816.94 in the Gold Account.   Sally will phone Yvonne Kingman to ask if she can assist at the meeting as she will be in France. It was pointed out that the Affiliation Fee for members is due in January and also although the accounts are healthy it must be borne in mind that we have to have enough money for our commitments for a whole year, being payment to speakers and the hire of the hall.


Maureen confirmed that the speakers for 2016 were completed and that this week she and Eva would be starting on the 2017 programme. Next week’s speaker is coming from Oxford by car and is charging £360. Plus travel, which will be what the train fare would cost had she come by public transport.

Maureen pointed out that this is the last year that she and Eva would be programme secretaries and serious thought must be put into finding replacement. Eva has been doing this job for 7 years now.


(a)       The next visit is to the Stanley Spencer Exhibition at Cookham and the Sandham Memorial Chapel. The cost for Stanley Spencer is £9. With free entry for Art Fund members and the Chapel is National Trust with £9. For non members. There is also a walk at Cookham at a cost of £2. if members wish and there are talks at both venues, There is also a pub opposite the chapel for lunch.   The basic cost is £29.50 plus the costs mentioned above.

(b)       Sleeping Beauty Ballet at Sadlers Wells on the 9th January 2016 and the tickets are £65. a head. Michele has 20 tickets for this.

(c)        Holiday in Liverpool on the 24th April cost is £559.

Michele will be taking bookings at the next meeting and the money for the first two.


Referred to under matters arising.


Referred to under Chairman’s Business.


Nothing to report.


The visits and holiday reports are on the website. It would appear that older reports can be archived after an appropriate period. AGM papers and committee minutes etc , can also be archived. The form for new committee members and special resolutions also on the website. Lee will remind members of this website.

The website will also contain a request for new committee members and asking for members with emails to ensure that Val Torreggiani is kept up to date with their details. Hazel had sent Area reports on Budapest, Poleseden Lacy and Charleston Manor.

There are also details of regulations regarding Fire Safety and illness at the Masonic Hall, together with Risk Assessment.




Tuesday 3rd November 2015 either at the Masonic Hall prior to the coffee meeting at.9.30 or 92 Old Road West, Gravesend at 10.00 a.m.