I would like to welcome you to our society on behalf of the committee and all our members. I hope you find the following information of use.

The Arts Society (previously The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts) is a global network of local arts societies with societies in many countries of the world. It has 90000+ members who share an interest in and a curiosity about the Arts in its widest sense and contribute to and preserve our artistic heritage through volunteering. It is celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 2018. Our lecturers all come through the National Society who carefully vet all would be lecturers to ensure they are of a very high standard.

The Gravesend and District Decorative and Fine Arts Society was formed 26 years ago in 1993.

At the A.G.M. in May 2017 we agreed to change our name to The Arts Society Gravesend. This brings us in line with the national association, which became The Arts Society in May 2017.

Our Members come mainly from Gravesend and the surrounding area.  Due to restriction on our hall capacity we have a limit of 200 members if we exceed this total we have a waiting list until places become available. It is not usually a long wait.

We meet on the second Tuesday in the month except in August  and December when we do not meet.

Lectures begin at 11 a.m. Coffee and tea are available from 10.15a.m. We ask that everyone is seated at 10.45 for notices so we can ensure that lectures start on time.

It is important that every one registers on arrival at lectures so that we have an accurate register of those present for health and safety reasons (e.g. having to evacuate the building). We appreciate that on arrival everyone wants to greet friends, have coffee and find a seat but please register first.

Committee members all have badges – so you can spot them if you need help. A list of committee members and contact details are on the back of the membership card. Committee members are usually to be found in the room where you register before lectures. It is in the same room that you will find information about any activities, events or visits. We do have a notice board at the end of the room as well.

If you wish to have a cup of coffee or tea then it costs a £1.00. You buy a ticket in the registration area and then give it to the catering staff serving coffee / tea in the bar area.

We have a web site www.theartssocietygravesend.org.uk You will find up to date information on it and a list of lectures for the year and often some background to the lecture. Reports on visits and tours are also covered.

You can email the committee using secretary@the artssocietygravesend.org.uk

Summer and Festive Lunches

We try to organise a festive lunch every year and also either a lunch or visit and afternoon tea/ cream tea in the summer

Visits and Tours

We try to arrange visits and tours during the year. As we do not currently have a visits secretary different members of the committee organise trips and tours when they can. Any help would be appreciated.


If you think other friends might be interested in joining us you can bring them as a visitor. Visitors may attend a maximum of 2 meetings a year, plus any event, visit or tour. The charge for a single meeting for visitors is £7.00.

It is important that members check with our membership secretary (07847 361756) in advance of the meeting to book a place for an visitors as we are often close to the maximum the hall can seat (150) for safety reasons.

I hope you enjoy being a Member of the society and look forward to meeting you

Hazel Teale

The Arts Society Gravesend