The Magnificent Thames, seen by Canaletto, Turner, Monet and others, through 500 years

We start with a painting of the Thames and Tower of London in 1500, which tells a fascinating tale about a French Prince and Poet. We continue with Dutch views of Tudor Palaces on the Thames in 1620, and then look at 18th century paintings by Canaletto and his distinguished English rival Samuel Scott. After views by Turner, Constable and Tissot, we turn to various 19th century artists, including three French Impressionists. The 20th century landscapists include Stanley Spencer and others more surprising. The lecture covers much of the Thames from its source to its estuary, and includes the Regatta at Henley, as seen by four different artists. As usual, modern photographs are shown from the same viewpoint, which show us how much the scene has changed, but also, how much the artist has changed the scene.

Bibliography: Monet and the Thames, Nicholas Reed (Lilburne Press, 1998) Sisley on the Thames and the Welsh Coast, Nicholas Reed (Lilburne Press, 2007)