Preston Manor including its contents was bequeathed to Brighton Corporation in 1932 on the death of its owners Baronet Charles Thomas-Stanford and Lady Thomas-Stanford. Ellen who died five months after her husband, had a living son John from her first marriage, but following family tragedies and disputes he was disinherited. Ellen had spent her childhood at Preston Manor and became heir to the estate at the age of five on her father’s death. Although it was not until the death of her mother in 1903 that the manor was inherited by Ellen, it became another home for her and Charles, but for only part of the year as they split their time between the five houses they owned. The west wing was added to Preston manor in 1905 to allow for a larger dinning room and extra guest rooms, which was an important part of their lifestyle. Charles went on to be mayor of Brighton for three years and an MP with Ellen they played an important part of the social scene. This lecture looks at Ellen and Charles Thomas-Stanford, their life at Preston Manor and includes areas not normally seen. In the summer period Preston Manor is open to the public, giving the visitor an experience of the difference between family rooms compared to the servant’s areas, very ‘Upstairs Downstairs’.