The programme secretary is responsible for our programme of lectures and our our day of special interest.

We prefer to have 2 programme secretaries as this spreads the work and it is always helpful to discuss ideas with some one.

What do the secretaries do?

The Programme Secretary plans the yearly programme of lectures for the Society, discusses arrangements with lecturers, handles all aspects of the booking process including sending the lecturer a signed booking form and is the first point of contact for lecturers. The Programme Secretaries also organise the annual day of special interest.

What does this involve?

  • Compiling the programme of lectures for each year using relevant resources (mainly the list of lecturers supplied by NADAFS)
  • Agree suggestions with the rest of the committee
  • Contact lecturer(s) to discuss date, title and content of lecture, fee including noting if VAT is applicable and any travel expenses
  • Fill in the booking form with the details agreed upon and send it to the lecturer with a sae. File when returned
  • Once the programme has been confirmed, send the list to the Hon. Secretary by April at the latest, so that our membership card can be prepared and printed, in time for renewal of subscriptions.
  • Liaise with the equipment team concerning equipment requirements of the lecturers
  • At least six weeks before lecture contact lecturer to confirm details and give up-to-date contact information. Confirm arrival time and establish if lecturer needs to be collected from station, car parking etc.
  • Inform the treasurer of the fee so that cheque can be given to the lecturer on the day of lecture
  • Organise the Study Day: advertise the event, take bookings, agree menu with the Committee and make appropriate booking with the Masonic Hall
  • Attend the Annual Directory Meeting in London (An opportunity to hear new lecturers and network)
  • Attending committee meeting usually every 2 months for about 2