Fire and Safety Policy


Members will be aware that our monthly lectures are held at the Gravesend Masonic Hall, Wrotham Road, Gravesend, DA11 0PA.

  1. In Case of a fire

Fire exits in the hall and other rooms are clearly marked and the attention of the audience is drawn to these at the beginning of each lecture.

The hall has full time staff who are all trained in fire evacuation and designated fire Marshals who are always present when we are in the Hall.

There is a written fire safety document in place for the building.

Members and visitors are reminded that in the event of fire they should:

  • LEAVE the building immediately by the nearest available safety exit and NOT go to the cloakroom to collect personal belongings
  • GATHER at the Assembly Point, which is on the other side of the Wrotham Road (along the pavement in Zion Place.)
  • REPORT to the Membership Secretary (who has the register of attendees) and NOT depart without doing so
  • OBEY the instructions of the Masonic Hall Fire Marshal(s)


  1. In case of an accident, ill – health or an emergency

All Masonic Hall staff are qualified First Aiders, so first aiders are on site at the Hall all the time there are people there. In the event of an accident or someone becoming unwell or another emergency, we should request help from them.

The Masonic Hall also has a defibrillator, with staff always present who know how to administer it.

Mrs Helen Beck (programme secretary) has been delegated with the responsibility of being the society’s contact with the hall staff for the coming year. In the case of her absence another committee member will take over the responsibility.

Gravesend DFAS                       October 2016