The  Secretary is the principal administrative officer of the Society and provides clerical support for the Chairman.

 What does the secretary do?

  • Take minutes a committee meetings and the AGM
  • Collate papers for the AGM and arrange for their circulation
  • Arrange for the printing of the membership card annually.

What does this involve?

  • Prior to committee meetings agree agenda with Chairman and send it to the other Committee members
  • Take minutes at the committee meetings, agree them with the Chairman and then circulate to the other Committee members
  • Assist the Chairman in the preparation of the relevant papers for the AGM
  • Liaise with NADFAS head Office for the papers to be distributed electronically to members
  • Arrange for a few hard copies to be available for members not on email.
  • Takes Minutes of the AGM Meeting, presents the draft at the next Committee Meeting and file them for AGM approval next year
  • Collate information for the membership card ready for printing, after the AGM and in time for renewal of subscriptions
  • Liaise with web master to ensure that all relevant information can be posted on the web site. eg programme of lectures, visits, volunteer projects, news etc.
  • Attending committee meeting usually every 2 months for about 2 hours