The role of the Society Treasurer is to assist the Chairman and the Committee on all financial matters and to safeguard its financial assets.

What does the Treasurer do?

  • Keep accurate and timely accounting records
  • Arrange payment Society costs,
  • Collect and pay in any income received
  • Prepare the annual audited accounts of the Society

What does this involve?

  • Advising the Chairman and Committee on the Society’s financial affairs
  • Preparing an annual budget
  • Ensuring subscriptions are received from all Members and that other income from visitors and other sources is complete
  • Approving and paying Society costs, including volunteers expenses, lecturers fees, venue costs, insurance premiums the Kent area and the NADFAS affiliation fees.
  • Liaising with the Society’s bank and reconciling the bank statements
  • Preparing the annual accounts of the Society for Committee approval,
  • Liaising with the auditor to ensure the annual accounts are audited in time for circulation with the AGM papers in April.
  • Administering the procedures relating to Gift Aid where appropriate
  • Attending committee meeting usually every 2 months for about 2 hours