The Visits Secretary works with the rest of the committee to arrange visits and tours, which complement the Society’s programme of events.

We usually have 2 visit secretaries to spread the workload and share ideas.

What does the Visit secretary do?

  • Organises a programme of visits and an annual tour

What does this involve?

  • Research venues using reference books, the internet and information from the NADFAS website
  • Contact venues for up-to-date information on costs, tours, refreshments etc.
  • Research travel options
  • Work out costing (usually on a 75% take-up of places)
  • Present suggestions to Committee for agreement
  • Confirm all bookings in writing
  • Advertise the visit and take bookings and payment at the appropriate time
  • Once visit is full keep a list of reserve members
  • Pass payments to treasurer with supporting list
  • Reconfirm all arrangements with venue, travel company etc just before date of visit
  • Make list of all participants (provide another copy of the list to a committee member going on the trip in case of emergency)
  • Contact reserve list to fill any cancellations
  • Obtain emergency contact numbers for those attending
  • Confirm timings and pick up points to participants
  • Ask Treasurer for appropriate cheques (and coach driver’s tip in cash if needed)
  • Take a mobile telephone with you in case of emergency
  • Afterwards complete a visit report form and send to the Education Department, NADFAS House
  • Attending committee meeting usually every 2 months for about 2 hours