A day of special interest  Tuesday 24 March at 10.30 am in the Masonic Hall, Gravesend

‘From Romanticism into Impressionism in Music and Painting’

 Lecturer: Janet Cannetty-Clarke

Cost £30.00 including coffee and a two-course lunch

 The day will consist of three sessions

  • Beethoven and the French Revolution

Beethoven lived across the turbulent period we now call the French Revolution – and his music reflects the wind of change that blew through Europe, fanned by the ambitions of Napoleon and portrayed by his court Artist, David.

  • Chopin and Delacroix, and an unusual friendship.

Composer and painter met in Paris in1836 and became firm friends – in spite of the fact that – whereas Delacroix played the piano and knew Chopin’s music by heart, Chopin could not understand his friend’s paintings and ‘found not a word to say”

  • Debussy and Monet

Although the composer and the painter lived in Paris at the end of the 19th century, as far as we know they never met. Janet will play Debussy’s music on the keyboard whilst Monet’s works are on the screen and the obvious links will be enjoyed.

Coffee will be served after the first lecture at approximately 11.30

Lunch will be served after the second lecture at approximately 1 pm

The day will end at approximately 3.00pm

Recommended Reading

1) Beethoven – Marion M Scott published by J M Dent and Sons ltd.

2) Chopin, his life and Times – Ates orga, published by Midas Books Tunbridge Wells

3) Debussy; his life and mind – Edward Lockspeiser published by Cassell, London (two volumes)