MINUTES of Meeting of Gravesend and District NADFAS Committee held at the home of Lee Cary, on Tuesday 6th January 2015 at 10 a.m.

PRESENT: Lee Cary, Anne Senneck, Sally Starbuck, Maureen Randall, Eva Ford, Vivien Sims, Val Torreggiani, Denise Burton, Hazel Teale, Michele Robinson, John Thompson.

  1. APOLOGIES: There were none.
  2. MINUTES: Following the correction of a couple of spelling errors these were agreed and signed.
  3. MATTERS ARISING: There were none.
  • Lee had downloaded Job Descriptions for committee members which she would email to them to amend to suit themselves if necessary.
  • Visitors – If Committee members saw visitors looking lost it was incumbent upon them where possible to introduce themselves and make them welcome. New applications forms for membership together with a Gif Aid form had been drawn up and passed round for comment. A few adjustments were agreed and Lee would email these to Val. It was agreed to have a New Members and Visitors table available at meetings placed next to the Treasurer and Hazel would be pleased to give them the membership pack and introduce them to other new members and the committee. It was agreed that new members would contact the Membership Secretary, Val, on 020 8310 2686. Chairs for visitors to be reserved near the front of the hall for lectures. Lee had also drawn up a draft new poster to advertise our Society and it was greed, preferably with a picture relating to the Lecture for each month.
  • Pro rata membership was brought up and this would be reported on by the Treasurer
  • AGM – The reports and accounts will be sent out electronically by NADFAS and all the paperwork should be with them by the 14th Any notices of resolutions should be in by the 7th April which is the necessary 35 days prior to the AGM. Those not on email will receive a hard copy. 61% of membership are on email and it will be announced to the members that if they have not given in this information it is necessary that Val is furnished with it. All Reports to b e sent to the Secretary for onward transmission to NADFAS.


Hazel reported on the Christmas Lunch which was a success with excellent food. The only slight problem was the parking as it would appear that the staff at the restaurant had parked at the front and members had to use the overflow car park. Before the lunch this year which is proposed for the 8th December at the same place this will have to be discussed. Also it would be appreciated if prominent table numbers on stands could be provided next time. It was mooted about having a similar function at the Knowle in the summer but after discussion it was decided not.


  • There is £1,970.78 in the Current CAF Cash Account. £7,463.09 in the CAF Gold Account (deposit) making a total of £9,433.87. We have to pay affiliation fee to National of £2,316.00 out of this which leaves a balance of £7,117.87. There is still £3,000 loan with the Patricia Fey Fund. The Gift Aid money goes to the latter fund.
  • At the Budget Meeting held last year the annual subscription and fees were discussed at length. This year we have 188 members and it would be good if this increased to 200. The half year falls at the beginning of March and if a new member joins then the subscription would be £30. plus the £5. administration fee. If they come along in February they would be advised to join the next month (therefore not paying the full yearly amount). They would then pay the full amount for the following year. Should a person move out of our District to another area there would be no refund. If they query the affiliation fee this will be explained. It was suggested that for 2015/16 the membership fee be increased to £47.50 as from September. We are just covering the cost of the speakers, and should we run out of money it would be up to the committee to carry the shortfall which is the reason we keep a year’s fee money in reserve.   There was a counter proposal that the subscription be raised to £48. which was not carried. It was, however, agreed that the Visitors Fee be raised to £6.50 from September and in view of the quality of our speakers it was felt that this was warranted.

c) The Christmas lunch had a surplus of £102.10 but there are a few more expenses. It was an excellent turnout as 82 members came.


  • The January Meeting is Imogen Corrigan on the Bayeux Tapestry whose charge is £300 plus petrol as she is coming by car.
  • The tickets for the Study Day on the 24th March will cost £30. as Janet Canetty Clark will be staying the night, her charge is £500 for the day which will be split into three sessions with a prompt 10.30 a.m. start, coffee between the 1st and 2nd lecture and the last lecture after lunch will finish at 3.00 p.m. Attendance of 50 would be preferable and the details will go on the website. Lunch menu to be agreed.
  •  Next year’s programme has been agreed and the details of this will be passed to the Secretary


  • Shakespeare in Love – Matinee on the 4th March, 15 tickets have been purchased and at present 13 names have shown interest.
  • Farley Farm and Charleston House – 21st
  • Budapest – 19 definite names and if 20 came this would enable us to obtain 1 free place. This is going on the Area Website in the region. A good report on this venue from Val.
  • Area Secretary coming to the February Meeting.
  • Windsor Castle visit in July to tie up with the Lecture in February.


As previously reported there are 188 members. There is some difficulty in updating Membership on the NADFAS website but Lee had checked with them and this had been carried out. Membership can be observed on the website but only altered by the Membership Secretary and if that person is away temporary access can be given with time restraints. There were 129 at the November meeting.


There was nothing to report apart from John confirming that the team consisted of Brenda Ambridge, Sue Hutton, Pauline Cunningham, Lois Adam and himself.


Nothing to report apart from that as at June this year Anne will have done three years and would be pleased to hand over to another member. If this does not happen she will continue


Hazel pointed out that members should be encouraged to use the website which has been reordered and there is a report and information slot. There is to be a members only section set up prior to the AGM. This is easy to access and Hazel will be improving on the Lecture Reports and a pro forma for visits which might be useful.


25th February. Lee and Hazel to get there early and Anne, Michele, Vivien, Diane and Lois would be helping with the catering which is coming from Waitrose


  • Lecture Report – November. New York New York – a thoroughly enjoyable lecture. £310. Plus £38.70 travel. This was considered outstanding and really encouraged members to visit, some were nearly on the next plane. There will be an Area Holiday with him to New York next year.
  • Vivien Sims who is a volunteer at Ightham Mote reported that help is required to dust all the books in the last two weeks in February. However, it was felt that this was rather short notice but we may be able to assist next year with more advanced notice.


Tuesday 3rd March 10 a.m. at the home of Lee Cary. With apologies in advance from Vivien and Maureen.