Our Next lecture is ‘Norman Wilkinson – A dazzling Career.’ All about the life and work of Normal Wilkinson – the inventor of Dazzle Camouflage.┬áThe speaker is Dr James Taylor who I am sure many of you will remember from the wonderful lectures he has given us in the past.


BIRKENHEAD, ENGLAND – APRIL 02: The newly painted Snowdrop travels on the River Mersey to Liverpool on April 2, 2015 seen from Birkenhead, England. The Mersey ferry has been re-painted in a dazzle camouflage design by Beatles album cover creator Sir Peter Blake. The colourful design mimics the type of paint scheme applied to allied shipping during World War One to confuse the enemy. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images) supplied by Dr James ┬áTaylor for the purpose of publicity for his lecture.