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Severe Weather

In severe weather conditions if the meeting has been cancelled a notice will appear under latest news on this web site. Alternatively please phone a member of the committee (their telephone numbers are on the back of your membership card). We have never had to cancel a meeting so far – lets hope that trend continues.

Membership fees

Our annual membership fee is due on 1st July every year. The annual membership fee is currently £47.50 per member of which £12.40 is the national affiliation fee.

Visitors pay £7.00 per visit. Please contact the membership secretary if you wish to book a visitors place for a lecture.

Signing in and Emergency Evacuation Procedures

It is important that everyone signs in when they attend a lecture.

If we do have to leave the Hall during a  lecture. Please exit quickly, not stopping to collect coats etc in the cloakroom. Our assembly point is across the road from the main doors of the hall. Please make sure that you wait until a register is called so that we know everyone is out of the building.