Volunteering at Ightham Mote

 Once again this year we have undertaken an enjoyable small volunteering project at Ightham Mote – arranged for us by Vivien Sims.

The project covered three days – February 7th 8th and 9th. in all10 members participated. The nature of the work meant that we only needed small groups each day.

On the first two days we undertook book cleaning and checking them for damage particularly damp and mould as Ightham Mote suffered flood damage last year; and ceramic and china marking for the inventory. On these days we worked in the Library, sadly lacking its carpet which was damaged in the flood. A new one is expected in time for the house to reopen in March.



On the last day we undertook work on compiling a back up inventory to be stored away from the house in case of fire or other damage and loss so that items lost or damaged beyond repair can be identified.



The work was supervised by Sam, who leads the Conservation Team at Ightham Mote and she made sure we were guided in the best way to work.

In some cases we worked alongside other volunteers and had interesting discussion over a coffee break as to the wide range of volunteering activities that can be undertaken at Ightham Mote.